Why Blog?

Before you blog, I strongly suggest you begin reading other bloggers in a field you are passionate about. Immerse yourself in a topic that consumes you normally. Whatever you are into, it is virtually guaranteed that someone is blogging about it. A popular quote on Technorati, a leading blog tracking site, exclaims that "55 million blogs, some of them have to be good."

How to find blogs to read:
  • Go to Technorati and search blog posts for a keyword or phrase that interests you.
  • Use Google Blog Search to find a blog that contains something that interests you.
  • If you are into Education-based blogs, try this list.
  • Or if you would like to see some of the blogs that I read, check out the list on my Chalkdust blog.

Blogging with your students

One of the ways you can involve your student in a collaborative effort or project is through a class blog. They take several forms in the classroom:

Recently, a group of educational technologists announced the revealing of 21Classes, a blogging site designed for teachers to use with their students. There have been several like this before (like Classblogmeister, Edublogs, or Drupal), but what makes this so different is that the security level is customizable. You can control who has the ability to post, who has the ability to comment, and who has the ability to see the blog. This is great for teachers who would like to experiment with blogging with their students.