Your activity for today will use a method that you are all likely to employ while teaching writing to students: scaffolding. And while it may feel like a bit too much, it will show you how quickly you can have a hand in student writing using Google Docs.


  1. Each of you will access a new document in Google Documents.
  2. Your assignment is to scaffold a paragraph for a student (in our case it will be the person sitting next to you).
  3. The writing prompt asks the student to write a paragraph about what they are giving their family members as gifts for the upcoming holiday season.
  4. Each of you should scaffold the paragraph out by providing a framework for the students to write a paragraph. For example, I might set mine up as a series of questions the student would have to answer like this:
    1. Why is it important to give gifts during the holiday season?
    2. How many family members do you buy gifts for, or would want to buy gifts for?
    3. What would you buy for your sister? Why?
    4. What would you buy for your brother? Why?
    5. What would you buy for your mother/father? Why?
  5. Then below, I might add the framework for the paragraph;
    1. Opening/topic sentence:
    2. Support sentence:
    3. Support sentence:
    4. Support sentence:
    5. Conclusion sentence:
  6. As your scaffolding is completed, I want you to share the document with the person next to you and have them fill in the gaps to show you how easy it is to collaborate on a document.

If you have any reactions, please feel free to bring them up, or post them to the discussion board above.