Here is where you will find step-by-step instructions on how to embed a video directly onto your Schoolwires site.

  1. Start by doing a search on Google or YouTube for your selected topic:
    • Google_video_search.jpg
  2. When you get the results, click on the video you need.Video_screen.jpg
  3. Over on the right side of the screen, look for the blue toolbar that says "email-blog-post to myspace." (on YouTube it will say "embed HTML")
  4. If you are YouTube, copy that code from the "embed" box, or if you are on Google, click on the blue toolbar.
  5. This should be your next screen:
    • Embed_screen.jpg
  6. Click "embed HTML."
  7. A code will appear in a box. It looks like gibberish, but it's HTML code. Copy it.
  8. Open a new browser window (click on Internet Explorer icon on your desktop), and log into your Schoolwires page.
  9. Create a new "Blank Flex Page," and title it "Movies" or whatever else you have decided.schoolwires.jpg
  10. In the lower left-hand corner, there is a tab labeled "view HTML." Clich this and another screen will appear.
  11. Click this and paste the code you copied from Google or YouTube. external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpgMake sure you paste it before the text that appears on the HTML editor.
  12. Click save and then preview your video.